Fly Fishing

fly-fishing-horizontalThe Bighorn River’s reputation as one of Montana’s best fly fishing destinations speaks for itself. With the completion of Yellowtail Dam in 1967, the Bighorn River has become a clear, cool tailwater hosting between 7000-8000 rainbow and brown trout per mile. The average trout caught on the Bighorn ranges in size from fourteen to twenty inches. Guests are often surprised by the abundance and size of trout caught each day. Without a doubt, fly fishing Montana’s Bighorn River is an unforgettable experience.

A typical day of Montana fly fishing might include nymphing, streamer fishing or dry fly fishing. As trout adapt to changing water conditions and aquatic insect life, fishing conditions vary. Your fishing guide will work with you to find the approach that fits your experience level and expectations. For more information on bug hatches, read this great article on Bighorn River Hatches. For current river flows, check out USGS Real-Time Water Date for Montana.

fly-fishing-verticalBighorn River Lodge prides itself on hiring local, knowledgeable Montana fly fishermen as guides. Our guides spend hundreds of days on the river each year and will be happy to assist you with all elements of technique. They guide many clients who are casting a fly rod for the first time as well as seasoned anglers who have fly fished their entire lives. These professionals are devoted to their craft and will do everything to ensure your time on the water is the best Montana fly fishing experience possible.

Our small fly shop offers fly fishing necessities and outdoor clothing. We are proud to offer high quality rods and reels available for purchase in the shop. Rental rods and waders are also available for a nominal fee.

Recommended gear:

  • * 8’ - 9’ rods at 4, 5, and 6 wt.
  • *Reels at least 75 yards of 10# - 20# backing
  • *Floating lines for dry fly and nymph fishing. Hi-density shooting heads, teeny liners and sink tip lines
  • *Neoprene waders and wading shoes with felt soles. Lighter weight waders are recommended in the summer.


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